EdgeFive Predict®

Purpose-built event analytics and engagement platform

Over the years, our clients have come to us with a consistent challenge—while there are many systems to manage things such as; registration, budget, tasks, vendors and venues/sites—these systems do not fully integrate to create a single event snapshot.

Based on our experience, we have developed EdgeFive Predict®— the industry’s only purpose-built software solution which uniquely empowers event owners by presenting intelligent budget, registration, attendee and logistics scenarios. EdgeFive Predict is a single system of record, built to allow event owners to take full control of their event strategy and make informed decisions today but more importantly, for the future to ensure financial success for years to come.

Using proprietary data profiling and transformation formulas, EdgeFive Predict crunches historical and current event data to provide you with:

Registration pricing strategies

Let EdgeFive Predict help you price your registration, know exactly when to cut off early-bird pricing and forecast your final registration numbers.

Full financial transparency

Understand exactly how your event budget is being allocated with the flexibility to compare multiple budget scenarios — allowing you to make informed changes in real-time.

Seamless integration

EdgeFive Predict is a universal platform which easily integrates into any existing system or dataset.


Store and analyze years of event data to build a profitable strategy for years to come.

Venue Selection

Let EdgeFive Predict help guide you through your site visit process! With a custom venue selection feature, EdgeFive Predict helps you select the perfect venue long before a contract is signed!

Next-Generation Intelligent Events

Combining iBeacon and RFID technology with the EdgeFive Predict® Platform instantly provides intelligent, actionable event data. This powerful combination translates to measurable results as it provides event owners with unprecedented accuracy, real-time data and a profound understanding of the attendee journey.
Key Benefits:
  • Build value-driven sponsorship packages based on historical attendee traffic data
  • Create 360-degree engagement with attendees and sponsors
  • Make data-driven decisions when booking future event venues, pricing registration and creating agendas
  • Drive attendee behavior throughout the event with real-time notifications to advertise sessions, pop-up retail promotions, etc.


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